Struggling To Get New Dental Patients From The Internet?

Frustrated DentistWe receive dozens of calls every week from frustrated dentists who are not getting results from the internet. Many of them unfortunately even hired the big, national dental marketing firms, but found out quickly they were treated like a number, and not a valued client.

Does this sound familiar? If so, no need to worry any longer. We take a hands on, customized approach with every dentist we work with. The end result is the phone ringing, and new patients signing up every day!

Who We Are

AZNetMarketing was formed in Scottsdale, Arizona, and can help your dental practice get more patients through a proven internet marketing strategy and plan. Integrating both your online and offline strategies is what we do best. Your the doctors.  You service your patients to the best of your ability, and we’ll do all your marketing to grow your practice.  

With our 12 years of online marketing experience, we’ll find every possible opportunity for you to increase your revenues. Your offline marketing is equally important, so we’ll be exploring that with you as well.

How Can We Help?

Whether you’re a local cosmetic, orthodontic or family dentist, your competition is growing by the day. If you’re not staying up with all the current online marketing methods you lose. We will position your practice to be everywhere your prospect is looking, resulting in more inquiries and patients for you and not your competitors

Working with our team of experts will be a major relief for you. We provide “customized solutions” unlike the cookie-cutter marketing many of the large dental and cosmetic marketing firms provide. The end result is more patients than you can handle. Isn’t that what every dentist or cosmetic surgeon wants?