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SEO For Dental Practice Success

Using Google To Find A Dentist In Scottsdale
Improving your search engine rankings for your dental website requires new, fresh and unique content that is of high value to your visitors.

The number one goal of your dental practice online is to “get found”. You can have the best website on the internet for dentists, but if people don’t find you when they do a search for your services + your locale, it’s all for not.

It is becoming very competitive locally to show up on the first page of the search engines, especially the big dog…google. Dentists are finally realizing people are using the internet via their smart phones and desktop computers to find a credible practice that is conveniently located.

That awareness among the dental community is creating a need for proper search engine optimization, as well as search engine marketing (PPC).

Mike Pedersen

+Mike Pedersen has been an Internet Marketing Specialist for 14 years, and is now helping local dentists attract more patients using strategic Internet and Mobile Marketing plans specific to the needs of the practice.

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